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All products made by Nature's Page Animal Treats are 100% Natural! We care as much about your pet's health as we do our own. Chemical preservatives, and other man made bi-products are things that may harm you and your pet's health, and therefore are not included in our delicious treats. Here at Nature's Page Animal Treats, we only use the Freshest Top Quality human grade ingredients in our pet treats! Not only are our ingredients fresh, they are also totally natural and fit for human consumption. When you purchase a pet food product from Nature's Page Animal Treats, you can feel assured that you are getting the very best for your pet!
We use fresh USDA Grade Beef, Liver, Chicken, and Fish in our Meaty Pet Treats. All our meat is cooked in a specialized way, so that it retains as much nutritional value as possible. Our Specialty pet treats are made with fresh vegetables, and fruits. For those of you that find it difficult to find treats for pets that are allergic to certain foods, we have added an Allergy Free Chicken Supreme Treat to our menu. We have spent a great deal of time perfecting our recipes, so that they are both delicious and nutritious. All our treats are taste tested by a wide variety of animals, and are guaranteed to please even finicky eaters. So when you think of treating your pet, think of

Nature's Page Animal Treats - Only the Best for You and Your Pet!

We have a wide variety of pet treats, made to order with 100 % natural human grade ingredients, and no preservatives. available. We also have lovely gift boxes available for those of you who wish to give a thoughtful gift to loved ones with pets. Most of our treats are baked to a delicious crunchy texture to aid in keeping your pets teeth healthy. If your pet would prefer a softer treat, please specify your wishes when ordering.

You may choose the style of your pet treats from these shapes:

Square, Bone(1",and 4"), Apple 2" & 1", Heart (1", 2", 3"), Poodle 4", Teddy Bear 1", Human 1" & 4" and round. Keftedes Balls only come in spheres. More shapes will be available soon. If not specified, we will choose the shape for you.

All Items Made Fresh To Order!

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Vegi Treats

Specialty Items:
Tasty baked tid bits for those vegetarian lovers. Loved by horses, dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, sugar gliders, ferrets, rodents, humans, and many more! All our treats contain eggs, if you wish to have your treats made without eggs, please specify when you order.

Hi-Energy: A crunchy treat made with brewers yeast, calcium, and all natural ingredients. A great treat for those pets living in cold climates and active dogs, such as agility competitors. Available in 1lb, 1/4lb, and 5lb packages.

Price:   1/4 lb  $3.00     1 lb   $5.25     5 lb   $25.00

Select Size Select Shape

Carob Kisses: A crunchy chocolate tasting cookie made with carob powder and other ingredients. Available in 1lb & 1/4lb packages.

Price:   1/4 lb  $3.00     1 lb   $5.25

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Peanut Dream: A delicious peanut buttery cookie made with peanut butter, brewers yeast, and other natural ingredients. Available in 1lb & 1/4lb packages.

Price:   1/4 lb  $3.00     1 lb   $5.25

Select Size Select Shape

Oats&More: A nutritious Oatmeal-Cinnamon cookie. Available in 1 lb & 1/4 lb packages.

Price:   1/4 lb  $3.00     1 lb   $5.25

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Apple-licious:A scrumptious treat made with apples, oats, and other natural ingredients. Available in 1lb & 1/4 lb packages.

Price:   1/4 lb  $3.00     1 lb   $5.25

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Holiday Packages: Do you like to give your pet special gifts during the holidays? These packages contain our delicious treats in your favorite Holiday shapes!

Select Size Selct Holiday

Gift box:Have your order sent in a lovely gift box. You may specify on your order form if you wish your gift to reach a destination at a certain date.

Price:   $1.50

Gift Certificates:
Do you know someone who would love to receive a product from Nature's Page Animal Treats, but don't know which one to get them? Well our Gift Certificates are the perfect answer. We have $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 Gift Certificates available.

Custom Individually wrapped Treats:

We also provide individually wrapped treats. Among those that purchase these items are: those that like to give special pet gifts; businesses that wish to give a special thank you to those that order their pet products, event managers that wish to give special pet prizes.
These individually wrapped treats are tailored to our customers. You may choose your wrapping (usually cellophane with a matching ribbon tied in a bow)! You may also add a custom graphics & messages to the label.

If you would like more information on our Custom Individually Wrapped Treats, click here.


Does your pet love cake? Why not give him/her a healthy cake that he/she can really enjoy, and you don't have to feel guilty for giving it to him/her! Nature's Page Animal Treats bakes delicious & healthy cakes that are actually packed full of vitamins and minerals for your healthy pet. Whether it's honey cakes for those with a sweet tooth, or our specialty meaty cakes for those with carnivorous appetites, we have it all. Treat your pet to a special Birthday, Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas, or just because you love them, cake today!
Fill out the information form below to request information about our Delicious cakes!

Nature's Page Animal Treats Cake Information Request Form:

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Thank you,  We will reply within 24 hours.

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More products coming soon!

Large and small animals alike will love these delectable treats. They work wonders as training enhancements.

Tame Your Wild Beast With
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