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We, at Nature's page Animal Treats, would like to thank everyone who contributed their wonderful essays. Please Take a moment to read our Pet Essay Winners!

Each month our job of picking a winning essay becomes progressively more difficult. While choosing a winning essay can be rather frustrating at times, we thoroughly enjoy the chance to catch a glimpse of the joy & comic relief your pets bring into your lives. We, at Nature's Page Animal Treats, would like to thank you for allowing us this privilege.

May Winner!

Congratulations to Lori, who sent us the winning essay for our May Pet Essay Contest!

A Funny Story About My Pet:
Adopting a Great Dane

      Getting an addition to the family is always a serious consideration. A dog can be a wonderful addition to the already existing family of dogs, horses, cats, and children. In my case, I am an animal lover and one of those people that will help any stray animal to find another home. There are always certain things to consider when adopting a dog or cat. I already had a huge family of animals and two children that I had to make sure that the addition of another dog wouldn't affect anyone to such an extent that moving out was an option. In the case of adopting a normal size dog, normal considerations exist: how to care and feed the animal, vet bills, size of the yard, and flea control, etc. The same considerations exist with a Great Dane except on a grander scale.
      1.Get the dog to the vet sight unseen. If you can, the biggest help and rule number one is to get people to feel sorry for the dog and pay for the initial vet bill. If you can get the vet bill paid for by your friends, then accepting the dog is a lot easier. Before you pickup the dog, call the vet and find out what shape the dog is in. This way you can paint a mental picture of the sickly dog and really feel sympathy for it.
      2.Time to go to the vet's office and pick the dog up. Remember: convince a co-worker to go with you, especially the one that is paying for a portion of the bill. This way they can see what their money is buying, or in the case of the Great Dane, they will be happy that the dog is going to your house. In their eyes now, money is no object. Pay the bill before they release the dog! Very important if both you and your co-worker have on dresses. It is very distasteful to have a Great Dane run between the co-workers legs as the dog sees the way out! When the bill is paid, then have the vet bring the dog out on a leash! Now is the time not to panic. Don't panic when the door opens and there is this huge beast choking on the end of a choke chain trying to get traction from a slippery tile floor. Don't panic when you see the entire backbone standing straight out of the poor animal's back and the skin resembling snake scales. Don't panic when the vet's aging attendant gets the dogs leash wrapped around her legs. Don't panic when you find out that everyone had been holding some information back, just smile, it's a girl and she is in heat!
      3.Bringing the dog home. The biggest question that needs to be solved is will she fit in the vehicle that you have or to be more precise will she fit into any vehicle that you own? Consider buying a truck or if this is not an option things can be worked out. This can easily be solved by making sure the groceries have already been taken care of the day before and that the kids have their own transportation home the day you intend to pick up the Great Dane. The next thing to remember is to bring an oversized and super sturdy bag with you to secure all the expensive medication that comes with the dog. The last thing you want to see is medication staining the passenger side car seat as the Great Dane comes barreling from the back of the vehicle, through the doggy restraint, (that you purchased the day before). Number one rule to remember is do not let the Great Dane up front with you. Always remember she cannot drive and neither can you! Number two rule is wear ear muffs!! When you are enclosed in a vehicle and the Great Dane sees the rest of the family, she will bark. A special note should be taken here. A Great Dane's bark starts with a low rumbling sound that turns into the loud Mt. Saint Helen's eruption bark in a matter of seconds. The word bark is too small of a word describing the sound coming from the mouth of the creature beside you in the car! Rule number three, when bringing a new dog of great size home; remember to have several friends and neighbors at your house to control the nervous family dogs, cats, and horses that just heard the eruption from within the car. Somehow having your car show up with a volcano inside makes everyone a little bit unsteady. This is only how to bring the special big pet home. Important things to remember in keeping your big pet are: when buying groceries remember to take two buggies, one for human food and the other for the dog food. Great Danes like big beds, especially yours. Great Danes love goldfish ponds; as a source of water and recreation. They also make big, big holes when digging for gold. When you're Great Dane comes to you while you are watching your favorite show on television, you better move because she wants the sofa. Nighttime is always fun. The Great Dane's bladder is the size of a pea, which means your full night of sleeping will always be interrupted. Rule of thumb: tell your spouse that it's better than cleaning up after her.

Lori has 2 horses, Savannha and Commanche; 4 dogs, Linka - a Great Dane, Boomer - a Chocolate Lab, Britney - a Britney Spanial, & Jezzable - a stray with lots of personality!

April 2002 Winner!

Congratulations to Alex, who sent us the winning essay for our April Pet Essay Contest!

A Day in the Life of a Jack Russell

      In our house it seems like the dogs are running things. There are four dogs that live under our roof. The oldest dog is a seven year old, 120 pound, yellow lab named Kodiak, Kodi for short. The other three dogs are Jack Russell Terriers, terrors is more like it. There is a five year old male named Yoshi, a two year old female called Tinker, and a five month old male puppy named Sparky. Jack Russell Terriers are one of the most hard-headed, stubborn, loyal, affectionate, loving, intelligent pets around. Every morning it is necessary to rustle the dogs out of bed, especially if it's chilly or overcast. The Russell's will bury themselves under the covers and not come out unless absolutely necessary. If there is a thunderstorm, all four dogs will shake and try to get in a safe lap. A beautiful day will find all three Russell's basking in the sun on the deck.
      Our Russell's have plenty of room to run, but usually they can be found close to the house. An average day consists of several attempts throughout the day to terrorize the geese in the pond. The two older Russell's and the Lab will chase the geese in the water while Sparky will guard the shoreline. After bothering the geese the horses could be the next target. Any time the horses end up in the field behind the house the dogs are right there, barking and trying to cause a stampede. In the spring and summer the cows in the neighboring field are fair game as well. As for the deer and turkey, look out, this property is guarded by Jack Russells.
      Yoshi, the oldest Russell, is all white with a black patch on his left eye and black ears. He has an obsession with anything that can be thrown. He loves balls or frisbees. If he does not have any toys he will bring rocks and small pieces of wood to be thrown. He will always bring them back. When fishing, he must be kept in the house, because he views the bobber as a ball and he retrieves it. He also has been known to catch the fish as well. Yoshi loves kids and could be the best friend to anyone. Tinker, the only female animal in the family, is white with a brown patch on her right eye. She is very reserved and rather timid around people. With the dogs, she is the boss. She is easily the meanest and most dominate dog. Tinker does not like children at all. She will tolerate a child over seven, but other times she has to be put in a kennel when small children are around.
      Sparky is the character of the group. When he looks up, he has a wrinkled brow and worried expression on his face. He was the runt of the litter and is very small. He too likes the ball, but not with the obsession of Yoshi. There is not a person who comes by that doesn't want to take Sparky home with him. Sparky's not afraid of anything. There is nothing more amusing then seeing an eight pound dog looking eye to eye with a 1500 pound horse, barking his head off. He just does not realize he is so small. Every day the dogs go for a walk on the 120 acre farm. As soon as they see the walking shoes come out of the closet they go nuts. They run, play, fight, and chase the wildlife on the two mile walk. The plan is to wear them out so they will sleep when back at the house.
      There is never a dull moment with the dogs in the house. There are pig's ears hidden in laundry baskets, dog bones under the pillows, hand balls and tennis balls every- where, an occasional torn up sock, blankets pulled off the back of the couch formed into little dog nests, and mutilated stuffed animals laying around the house. If someone is in the shower and the door is not shut tightly the dog will be in the shower with them. I love my dogs, even though they are always under my feet, jumping on the beds with muddy feet, and grabbing the legs of my pants and not letting go. I would not trade their love and companionship for anything. They say that dogs can lower blood pressure and relieve stress. Jack Russell's are known for being hyper-active, yet my Russells do relieve stress and are the greatest pets ever.

November Winner!

Congratulations to Abel, who sent us the winning essay for our November Pet Essay Contest!

      Living in the Southern United States one almost always has a family dog and most of the time its some sort of hound. When I was a young boy(about five)my father brought home two black and tan hound dogs, one male the other female. For over ten years our dog whose name was Cookie served as a very vigilant sentinal who was always there to gaurd the yard, and most likely saved our family from meandering thiefs and criminals. For what seemed to be my entire childhood Cookie was there to play, watch and learn with me, sure there were some times I remember being a cruel child and throwing hickory nuts at him or scaring him. What I did not know was that Cookie had worms, not the kind medicine could expell from his body,these were heartworms. I could not have possibly known his deteriorating health condition but I understand now. One day when I was toiling away at my mothers shower stall,and probally expunging too many brain cells with a noxious mixture of bleach and Lysol I saw him alive one moment and about three minutes later he died with pools of blood all around his dog house where he prefered to reside in his later days. It hit me like lightning-he was dead. Cookie was by far my favorite canine pet that ever was or will be. I being the first to find him still warm but not moving and blood pooling around his mouth which rested on the ground along with the rest of his limp body, seeing this i could not stop the tears from streaming. For the rest of my life I shall remember Cookie and hope to find another black and tan "coon dog" as he was extremely loyal and adored us greatly. I just hope that people will pay for correct medication to prevent and treat worms or any other pet related health problem as I know well you do not want to endure the pain of a family member dieing in such an unnecesary manner. So please treat your pets with care and make animal health care possible, and please feed you dog something he will thank you for when you meet him once again in eternity.

Abel just turned 15, November 2001, so we would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday! We think Able did a great job on this essay. While we love to receive essays from those of all ages, it is especially nice to receive well thought out essays from our younger visitors. Abel has one cat named, Shadow, three goldfish, and a Black Lab named Cedy.
I would like to thank Abel for bringing our attention to the undeniable problem of heartworms
Heartworms should be on all of our minds, espessialy those that live in the southern United States, or in hot - moist climates, where mosqitos are most prevelant. In order to give your pets a longer & healthier life, make sure your dogs, and cats are on one of the many heartworm preventatives available today.

If you would like to learn more about heartworm disease in dogs and cats Click Here

October Winner!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sanborn, who sent us the winning essay for our October Pet Essay Contest!

Why I Love My Pet

      I have a snakehead fish named Sphinx. They are not common pets due to their vicious nature and voracious appetite. I love my snakehead, though, despite everyone in my family being afraid of him.
      When I first saw Sphinx, it was in a pet store. I am not a real fish lover. I usually just feed them to my turtle, but when I turned the corner, there he was, looking at me. Fish are generally not responsive, or they run away, but when I walked up to the tank with its top held down by numerous objects, Sphinx came up to the glass. My family tells me he followed my finger because he wanted to eat it, but I saw it as a sign of life. There was an intelligence in his eyes that I have never seen in a fish before.
      I decided right then and there that that snakehead was going to be mine. I did not have a tank clean out, so I waited until the next weekend to buy him. Everyone in the pet store was surprised by my choice of fish. They kept reminding me that he was vicious, that he jumped and that he was always hungry. I just smiled and nodded, knowing that Sphinx would get along just fine with me.
      I brought him home not knowing too much about him. For the first week he hid in his tank and would not eat. I became concerned, but I learned more and more about his species so I could coax him out of hiding. Now he knows who I am and eats regularly. When I am sitting in the room, he sits by the glass and watches me. He no longer runs away when I come up to the tank. I think he knows I love him.
      He is a beautiful fish. He has red and green markings on his body, which make him look sleek and streamlined. When I bought him he was six inches long, but I think he is growing. Before long I will have to buy him a bigger tank, so I can watch him swim back and forth. He is very relaxing to watch and magnificent to see jump, although his jumping did give me some problems the first week. He even jumped out the tank once. Luckily, snakeheads can breathe out of water, so he was ok. I learned my lesson, though, and secured the lid of his tank on after that.
      I love my snakehead because, even though I cannot take him out and pet him, he is always there. He is intelligent and beautiful. Other fish are beautiful colors and nice to watch, but they never develop a personality like a cat or a dog. Sphinx is a little dangerous and keeping him in the tank and fed is a challenge, but I love him for it. It differentiates him from all other fish and makes him my special Sphinx.

Elisabeth has 1 chinchilla, 3 cats, 1 snakehead, 1 hampster, 1 turtle, and 1 dog.
This essay motivated us to research snakehead fish. If you would like to read some interesting information about this fish or other fish in the Channidae family, check out the links below:

Red Snake Head

While this next essay, by Kathy Wall, did not win our October Pet Essay Contest, it did touch our hearts. We decided that it should be shared with all our visitors.

How My Pet Changed My Life

      When Dutchess (Bouvier/Lab X)was a pup she was the most timid of all the Puppies.As she grew older she became a smart and confident companion.I live on a Farm, 6 milesfrom the nearest town.It was Hot and Extremely Dry this Year. I was working in the Garden when Dutchess started going crazy.I looked to see what was happening, not a 1/4 of mile directly west of the farm was a Fire and it was spreeding fast.Dutchess had alerted me quick enough, so that I could call the local Volunteer Fire Department. If Dutchess hadn't have gone crazy the fire would have burnt the Farm. By the time the fire department had put the fire out, it was only 300 yards from the house.

Kathy has 2 Dogs Bouvier Des Flandres & Bouvier/Lab X, and 5 Cats mixed ages and colors.

Check back with us next month for our December Pet Essay Contest Winner!

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