Helpful Tips For Your Pets:

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Training Tips For Your Pet:

While many people do not have the time and or patience, I find it is best to train your own pet. The trainer and pet have a special relationship.

1. Do not over use the word ”NO”under any circumstances. When an owner over uses the “NO” or “BAD” command, the pet begins to ignore the word. You can usually tell when someone has done this, you will here them shouting at there dog, saying “no, no, no....etc.”, while the dog continually ignores them. This is bad for you and your pet, in fact it can be dangerous. In order to reprimand your pet correctly, say “NO” once, if the pet persists in the negative behavior lightly smack them on the rump while saying “NO” once more.
Ex. If your pet is chewing on an undesirable object, say “NO” once, and give your pet an item that he/she is allowed to chew on such as a bone or ball. If the pet continues to chew on the undesirable object say “No” once more while lightly smacking him or her on the rump, and again give the bone to the pet. When the pet takes the bone and begins playing with it praise him/her and say “Good boy/girl”. This will usually work with almost any type of animal.

2. It is very important not to train a pet (especially a young pet) for too long of a period. 15 min. is usually a good time limit for a young pet. If you let a training session go on for too long of a time the pet begins to become bored and you might wind up losing any progress you had made.

3. Try to train your dog every day at the same time of day. If you do this, and follow the rest of these instructions, your pet will usually know when training time comes around and will look forward to it. In many cases your pet will come to you when training time comes with an expression of “Come on, come on, it’s that time again.”

4. The 15 to 30 min. that you set aside for training your pet should be considered as “fun time”. So it is best not to use the word “NO”or “BAD”, or any derogatory comments. This may sound difficult, but you will find that you can show your dog what to do without these types of comments. Make the training session as fun as possible for your pet.

5. While training your pet you should always lavish your pet with praise for a job well done whether you use training enhancements (such as pet treats), or not.

6. It is always best to finish a training session on a happy note, so try to end your session after your pet does a job correctly.

7. When training your pet, you should stay on one lesson for multiple training sessions. This tends to ingrain the lesson in your pets mind, so that he/she does not even think about not doing what she/he is told.
Ex. Training pet to come(the most important lesson for a dog): Put your pet on a 20' leash. Call your pet once, if your pet does not come, lightly tug on the leash and say “Come (name of your pet)” once more. When your pet comes reward him/her with what ever you have chosen as a suitable reward, lavish her/him with praise and play with him/her for a brief period. Repeat this until training session is over. If you notice your pet losing interest stop the session the very next time your pet reacts correctly. Spend at least 5 min (preferably longer) after the training session, playing with your pet. Repeat this lesson for at least a week, if your pet is still slow to respond after a week, repeat the lesson for another week. This may seem repetitive, but in order to have your dog utterly responsive to a command you have to be repetitive. This method is similar to when you were in grade school and had to write the letters of the alphabet multiple times. You might have found it repetitive then but you definitely never forget how to write your A B C's.....-:)

These are just a few training tips I thought might help people with their pets. I will be adding more in the future. If you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

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